Father_daughter_owned_Bim Bam Boo


One day, seasoned entrepreneur Phil Levin turned to his daughter and asked,
" Why are we flushing our forests down the toilet? "

His daughter, Zoë Levin responded,
" That's a great question. There has gotta be a better way."


We developed the Bim Bam Boo line of eco-friendly, toxin-free, hypoallergenic toilet paper because we want to bring real solutions to everyday-life problems. Whether that is a hypoallergenic facial tissue for your son's runny nose, or purely soft toilet paper for your bathroom —  Bim Bam Boo is a healthier paper choice for your family, and the earth.




To be completely honest, it wasn't easy! We conducted in-depth research — carefully evaluating product sustainability, quality and impact. And in the end, we have figured out how to make a real difference through something as simple as a roll of toilet paper.